Monday, April 23, 2007

Mike Hafner Named Vice President of Inflight Services for Southwest!

Mike Hafner was announced the vice president of inflight services on March 14,2007.

Mike's Duties will include reporting directly to Daryl Krause, the Senior Vice President of Inflight Services & Provisioning. Mike will also take primary responsibility for serving the groups which make up the Inflight Department including the carrier's 8,900 Flight Attendants, Initial and Recurrent Inflight Training team, Inflight Crew Planning, Scheduling, Audit, Payroll, and Inflight Employee Resources and Automation.

Mike's Focus Areas:

  • Safety
  • Staffing
  • Training
  • Scheduling
  • Customer Service delivery
  • Labor relations
  • Regulatory compliance

Previous vice president, Daryl Krause states, "Mike Hafner is one of our most experienced Leaders when it comes to serving our Frontline Employees and Customers, he has grown up at Southwest Airlines, understanding the importance of exceptional Customer Service for both our Internal and External Customers. With his 26 years of experience, I know our Inflight Services Team will benefit from Mike's Frontline Customer Service experience."

Mike began working for Southwest in 1981 in Houston as a ramp agent and has since worked in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Phoenix fulfilling various jobs such as Customer Service Agent, Operations Agent, Operations Supervisor, Customer Service Manager, Assistant Station Manager, Station Manager, Regional Director, and Senior Director of Stations. It is employees like Mike who have helped Southwest to be named Business Week's first ever list of "Customer Service Champs."

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